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Location: Red Rock, OklahomaAlbum: Whitetail & Mule DeerAnimal Harvested or Shoot Type: Whitetail

P&Y Whitetail

November 10, 2002 by Dale J. Brassfield

It was 5:04 pm, Nov. 10, 2002 (the last day of my hunt) and it was minutes before sundown. I was in a ladder stand at an intersection of 6 draws. I had called in nine different bucks since 2:30 that afternoon, so I knew the bucks were crusing for ladies! At 5:00 pm I touched my antlers lightly together followed by a soft series of grunts. Minutes later heard a deer approaching from my right approximately 70 yards out. I quietly grabbed my Mathews Legacy Bow and readied myself. At 50 yards a saw the left G2 of this buck and knew right then and there that this was the buck! As he approached my shooting lane, I forced myself NOT to looks at his antlers. Focus on the box and breath is what I told myself. The buck walked into my shooting lane at 25 yards. I softly grunted trying to get the buck to stop. Nothing! I grunted once again a little louder this time and suddenly he stopped at a perfect quartering away position. I touched the release and waited for what seemed an eternity as my arrow pearced the air at a blazing 300 fps and enter the bucks rib cage perfectly. The buck never knew what hit him! He mule kicked and ran away on his death run. Little did I know that while I was focusing intently on this magnicient buck, three other bucks had approached from my right, left and from behind me. All three of these bucks blew up at the sound and sight of my arrowed buck leaving the country. One of them, a very nice 125-130", eight pointer chased after my arrowed buck. I watched as the arrowed buck ran out approximately 50 yards, stop, wobble and fall to the ground. The eight pointer ran to him and stood over him, watching him thrash around.
I decided to wait until dark to retreat from my stand and figured I would have some fun with the eight pointer. I softly grunted and he threw his head up and checked the wind. After he lowered his head back down to stare at my arrowed buck, I grunted again. As before, he threw his head up and checked the wind. I grabbed my rattling antlers and crashed them together and waited. This feisty eight pointer jumped and turned sharply in one motion, and took off at mach speed in my direction. In a millisecond the buck had closed the 50 yard gap. As he approached, he jumped a small dry creek that ran in front of my position and landed on the ground just feet from my stand (still traveling at light-speed). He hit the ladder to my stand as he flew by! Leaving me breathless and a little shaken to say the least. In all my years of hunting, I have never experienced a hunt quite like this. Even though I couldnt honestly say that I enjoyed this as much as recovering my 150" 9 pointer, I can say that playing with that eight point after the fact is what hunting is all about!
Thank you Mathews for providing hunters like me with the BEST bows in the world. My Mathews Legacy is my second mathews bow and I will never shoot anything else. Why would I?

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