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Location: Lake County, IllinoisAlbum: Whitetail & Mule DeerAnimal Harvested or Shoot Type: Whitetail

Persistance Pays

January 2, 2005 by John Kahon III

It was early January and I had been hunting hard for months. I had taken a nice 9 pt and a doe already with my Mathews Outback, but I had also seen the deer a lifetime – twice. I was sitting in my treestand when a huge buck came in. He came within 15 yards, but I had no shot. He eyeballed me in my stand, turned around and walked away. That is how our dual started.

A few weeks later I had another stand about 100 yards from the first and watched as the buck walked right through the area past the other stand, looking to make sure I was not in it before he went through.

So, I hung another stand two trees over from the first, leaving it there so he would continue looking at it. A couple of weeks later, I was in the new stand. I had a button buck and a few does come through about 4 in the afternoon. Then a nice 7 pt came in. From the opposite direction I heard noise and here came a 4 pt followed by Mr. Big. I think my whole tree was shaking I was trembling so badly! The two smaller buck came right under my stand and play fought for a little bit and the big buck didnt seem to like that so he came over and shook his head to chase off the smaller bucks. He stood at 15 yards face right towards me for what seem like an eternity. Finally, he walked right by me and at 12 yards he was broadside and walking slowly. My Outback perfomed flawlessly and a shot through the heart and 40 yards later I had my trophy of a lifetime!

The buck is a 9 point with over 10" tines. He has a 20 1/4" inside spread. Cant wait to have him scored – it will be my first ever big enough to enter!!!

THANK YOU Mathews for making such great equipment!!!

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