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Outback vs Javelina Image
Location: New MexicoAlbum: Turkey, Hogs & Other Small GameAnimal Harvested or Shoot Type: Hogs

Outback vs Javelina

February 5, 2006 by Kyl Candelaria

It was Sunday the fifth of February 2006, and the wind was howling in southwestern New Mexico. I along with my two hunting buddies topped a ridge and finally found a group of 15-20 javelinas of all sizes. They were a good ways off and a hard stalk across a deep rocky canyon was in order. We patiently cut the distance to within 30 yards and by this time the javelina were getting lazy and starting to lay down. I turned to see if the camera man had the only peccari in vision on camera and he gave me the okay! I drew my Mathews Outback, settled the thirty yard pin squarely on the shoulder and released. Whack! Right on target!!! Without a bow as trusty as my old Outback, I dont know if I wouldve been confident enough to take this shot, but thanks to Mathews I had no doubts!!! Thank you for making the best archery tackle in the world!!!

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