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October 3, 2011 by Lee Corbin

This was my first trip to Africa. My Dad and I, along with two friends, spent 10 days in Namibia about an hour and a half north of Windhoek, Namibia. This kill happened on the second to last day of the trip and was a very rewarding harvast.

My PH and I went to our water hole around 9:30 that morning. We had been on the hunt for Red Hartebeest, Zebra, and Oryx. We had sat that morning for about 30 minutes when my PH whispered through my radio. “Two Oryx are on their way”. He was in a high blind about 100 yards behind me which served as an observation tower.

The two Oryx came sprinting to the water hole I was hunting over. They stopped briefly then quickly bolted back to where they came from. I immediately assumed they caught wind, this seemed to be a daily occurance. I kept watch and just as quickly as they left the bull and cow returned. This time walking straight to the water trough. The cow stood on the north side and the bull on the south, convieniantly, the blind was positioned 16 yards, according to my range finder, off the south east corner. My PH quickly confirmed the bull was an excellant trophy.

As he drank, with the cow exclusivly on his mind, I drew my Mathews Drenalin to full draw. My heart was pounding, my breathing was accelerated, and my hands were shaking with nervousness. I quickly took a deep breath to enter the zone of silence and focus that all hunters step into just before making a quality shot. I peered through my peep aligning my pin square on the shoulder area. Sure of my placement I squeezed the release and witnessed the arrow slice through the Oryx. He bolted with my my arrow hanging out of the opposite side. The Oryx ran 60-70 yards then collapsing with a perfect lung shot.

Thank you Mathews for helping make these type expeiances possible. Knowing my equipment will never let me down in crunch time provides peace of mind to master other tasks in taking such animals.


Lee corbin

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