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Oregon Blacktail Image
Location: Oregon CoastAlbum: Antelope, Coues & Blacktail DeerAnimal Harvested or Shoot Type: Blacktail

Oregon Blacktail

November 27, 2003 by Rick Martin

My friend Wayne and I were hunting some property on the coast for a blacktail buck, as the rut was in full swing. We had set up and called and rattled a couple of prime spots, with no luck. We were changing locations when this buck ran up the trail in front of us, his nose to the ground like a dog. We seen each other at the same time, and he just stood there looking at us! I slowly slipped an axis arrow from the quiver, nocked it and whispered to Wayne how far, he said 40yards, I said no way hes going to let me draw! To my surprise he did, The arrow went in the right front shoulder, and exited out the left hip, breaking the leg bone! When we found the buck in the creek, he was still alive, and I shot him again in the left front shoulder. These deer are very tough! I got my feet wet but it was worth it! I shot this buck with a Mathews LX, it is one of the finest hunting bows ever made, PERIOD!
Thanks Mathews.

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