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Only a Mathews for daddy's  girl!
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Only a Mathews for Daddy’s Girl!

June 12, 2013 by Taylor Cone

Late summer 2012 I was target shooting my Switchback XT one day when my daughter, who is 11 years old, came outside and informed me her school 4-H program offered archery. Having never shot a bow, she was interested in learning. We found a used PSE Spyder to see if this was something she would stay interested in. It didn’t take long to see that she was pretty good in archery, so we upgraded to a Mission Menace right before the state indoor event. She did well to be her first big event, shooting a 220. Next was outdoor where they shoot 40, 30 & 20 meters. The big event finally arrived in May, with 176 kids shooting in her class. Cold, wet, & windy was the weather for the day, but to my surprise she wanted to stick it out and shoot. At the end of the day she found out that her score of 303 was good enough for 26th place out of 176. After this event I upgraded her sight to a Sure-Loc supreme with a Swarovski lens, seeing that scope sights were the going thing among the better shooters. And at this point I realized that I wanted to upgrade her to a real target bow. To get her there I know what I wanted to do, sell my AR15 rifle and get her a Conquest prestige! My local Mathews dealer was very helpful in ordering the bow, which she knew NOTHING about. Upon entering the store she noticed a Prestige and said ” Daddy that’s the bow I want ” After looking the bow over with a big smile, she asked if we could get it. About to bust I told her that the bow was already her’s! As soon as we got home she wanted to pose for a picture with her new bow. This is an event in my life I hope to never forget, and Mathews was there to make it even better! Only a Mathews for daddy’s girl!

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