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One Squeaky Stand Image
Location: ILBow Model: Z-MaxAlbum: Whitetail & Mule DeerAnimal Harvested or Shoot Type: Whitetail

One Squeaky Stand

November 14, 2005 by Ryan Rigby

It was one of those perfect mornings and I was just happy to be out in the woods but after about two hours of not seeing any deer I decided I needed to shake things up, or rattle as it turned out. Right about 7:45 I ran through a grunt sequence and a snort wheeze as that was a brand new sound at that time. I then crashed the horns together for about a full minute like it was world war 3. With in about 2 minutes I could see antlers coming through the tall grass about 150 yards away. I didn’t know how big but I knew it was a shooter. I gave a couple aggressive grunts and he turned and came at a quick pace. I knew from past experience he would follow the trail and come just on my left at about 12 yards for that perfect shot. Well so much for knowing what a big buck will do he came straight on through some of the thickest nastiest thorn I have ever encountered. Well I was caught with my pants down so to speak as he was now directly under my stand and I was at full draw facing the wrong way. I slowly started to adjust my feet and was almost to a point I could actually get a shot when my stand squeaked. He looked right up at me. Talk about getting right with God I think I made every promise I could and just kept praying. I was holding at full draw so long I had to use my chin to keep my hand back and at full draw. Well he spooked and started to trot off but luckily he went toward an opening I gave a quick mouth grunt and he stopped. I quickly went through my checklist and good thing as I wasn’t even looking through my peep. I made my adjustments estimated him to be at 20 yards and let it fly. My ZMax put the Rocket Hammerhead where it needed to be and it did its work and he only ran 20 yards before dropping. I knew he was big but when I got down and actually put my hands on the rack I was stunned. This was the deer of a lifetime and I almost missed him because of a squeaky stand.

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