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Location: MinnesotaBow Model: Z7 XtremeAlbum: Whitetail & Mule DeerAnimal Harvested or Shoot Type: Whitetail

One Chance

October 13, 2011 by Tyler Trosen

Starting in 2009 I decided to quit my job doing commercial construction and go back to college. I knew this meant that over the next 3 years i would be to busy to hunt. I would try to hunt as much as I could though. The summer of 2010 this buck showed up on trail cameras frequenting almost daily with a bachelor group of bucks. I was astonished at the character and size at such a young age (around 2.5-3 yrs). I vowed not to shoot him if i had an encounter I chose to sell all my archery equipment including my Mathews SQ2, part way though the Archery season because i needed the money for school. By mid September this buck seemed to disappear and i did not see any sign of him for the rest of the season. The summer of 2011 came and he showed up again frequenting my cameras and salt licks almost daily. This season the buck was much more active and seemed to rule the farm. I was anticipating the chance of seeing this deer and having an opportunity of a lifetime buck. I purchased my new Mathews Z7 Xtreme February of 2011 and started to practice in hopes of seeing this much more mature monster. I started the 2011 season with a bang and harvested a nice doe and was holding 2 more tags. This brings me to the night of October 13 2011. It was a typical fall evening with me rushing home from my new job as a Radiologic Technologist. It was a extremely windy night and i considered not going out. With hopes held high but expectations low i headed out to my stand. I was all set up and waiting hoping to at least have a chance at filling another doe tag. After sitting without any action for 2 hours i noticed a few does stepping into the field out of range, they were nervous and didn’t stay long. Another 20 minutes past and a small spike buck stepped out in range and i watched intently as i waited for a doe to follow. To my surprise out stepped this giant 21 point non-typical. The deer were at 70 yards and feeding in a standing cornfield. The giant fed out into the corn walking further away, I was crushed. To finally see this giant only to have him walk right out of my sight. Then as if on a string the buck turned and walked straight back to the field edge and stopped, still 60 yards. The spike had now fed his way down to within 30 yards of me. The giant followed right behind walking straight toward me and stopped, I had no shot. I was frozen with my bow held in front of my face in a half crouch position praying the deer would turn. This went on for a few minutes but seemed like forever as the wind blew right through my bones. Eventually a group of does came out 100 yards down the field and got the bucks attention. We turned and trotted up the field through the group of does and then back to the field edge 51 yards away. I though now or never and i ranged the buck seeing 51 yards and knowing i had shot this distance many times i drew back. I settle the pin and held tight and thwack, my arrow hit home. The deer exploded out of the field and the buck tore down the corn row racking the corn stalks as he went. He stopped 70 yards in the corn and turned to see when had hit him, I questioned my shot. Had I missed totally, did I wound him. Then the buck casually walked back to the edge of the field and stopped, i ranged him again 70 yards, to far. I watch as the buck stood for a minute and just tried to figure out what had hit him. He walked through the opening and disappeared into the neighbors willows. I noticed a white tail bounding off through the tall willows, seeing my dream buck gone. I called a friend and told him what had happened and he encouraged my to get out and stay. I got down from my stand and immediately left the area, not even looking for my arrow. Two hours later i returned to search for my arrow and any sign of blood. Almost immediately I found my arrow and a blood through the cornfield. I went further up the field and found where the buck had returned and stopped and found 2 small pools of blood a few inches apart side by side. I again called a friend who said to back out and that he would be there in an hour. I waited pacing the house until he arrived. I replay the story to him and we agreed it seemed like a good shot. We ventured out to the last blood trail and started to track. Finding only small amounts of blood where i had last seen the buck we split up and started scanning the ground and brush. That is when i seen him, not more than 10 feet from the place i had last seen him. He bedded and died right in that willow patch. After much congratulating and lots of counting and recounting I had my buck 21 points and lots of mass. My deer of a lifetime.

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