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Once in a Lifetime
Location: Southern OhioBow Model: Z7 Xtreme TacticalAlbum: Whitetail & Mule DeerAnimal Harvested or Shoot Type: Whitetail

Once in a Lifetime

November 15, 2013 by Brian Swackhammer

On November 15th 2013 I left work at 3pm and was in my stand by 3:20 pm. At 3:26 pm something caught my eye over the hill to my left. I could see something white,at first I thought it was a plain old house cat.Then I thought it was to big for a cat, so I got my binos out and it was an OMG moment. I hurried up put binos in packpack. I sent my Brother a txt that said white dear. Then I grunted 1 time on my true talker grunt call. I grabbed my z7 Extreme tactical and within 2 minutes this beautiful buck came 80yrds up the hill I came to full draw when he was almots to the peak of thr knob. I let him take 3 steps over the top and let my arrow fly. I knew that by the sound of the impact that i did make contact with the deer. The deer ran thru the thicket and out the other side into the grassy field. He came to a stop and swayed a couple time and fell over. I dont know about anyone else but I would rather harvest a buck like this than a 150 or bigger deer. I have only seen one other deer in the wild and it was an albino doe. Anyway I sit down in my stand get out my phone and there is a txt from my brother it said What is it and I said a buck he ask how big I said 8 pointer. He said shoot it. I replied I did I got him. Now my brother was about 200 yrs away in another stand. At this point he must of ran all the way because he made it to the deer before I did. When He got to the deer he started yelling at me What are you doing I yelled back Trying to catch my breath. He yelled hurry up and get your hands on this buck. Im not sure but I think he was more excited than I was. Ha Ha a I dont think so. Well after I finally made it to the deer we high fived and hugged. Im really Thankful that I have my big brother to share these moments with.Sorry for such a long story but I really Love my Mathews bows (since I have 3) My z7 extreme tactical is my favorite. Thank You Mathews for building the Best bows in the world.

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