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Oct. 15th
Bow Model: Reezen 6.5Album: Whitetail & Mule DeerAnimal Harvested or Shoot Type: Whitetail

Oct. 15th

June 23, 2014 by Charles Salvo

I was getting this huge 10pt (a different one than in the picture) on my trial camera all summer long. But a week before the archery season opened here in PA (Oct 5, 2014), this guy (pictured above) started showing up. I was hunting my only spot for only evening hunts. Although I was putting my time in the woods, I did not see one deer for 10 days straight. I decided to change my plans and go hunt about an hour away with my on buddy on Oct 15th. But on the 14th, before I left, I checked my trail camera. To my surprise, I was getting pictures of the deer pictured above in the early morning. I still wasn’t convinced that I should hunt my spot in the AM. However, when I told my girlfriend about the change in deer pattern, she gave my the advice to cancel my plans with my buddy and hunt my spot in the AM on Oct 15th. (What good man doesn’t listen to his girlfriend?) So Oct. 15th I was in the stand for a morning hunt. Sure enough at 7:15 AM, this guy walked out. 22 yard shot, broadside. My Mathews did the job! The deer ran 50 yards and I heard him crash. I was amazed how big he was when I walked up to him. 10 pt with 17″ spread. Scored 133.
This deer is now hanging on the wall in my house. I love telling this story.

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