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New Mexico Elk Image
Location: Folsom, New MexicoAlbum: Elk, Caribou, Moose & BearAnimal Harvested or Shoot Type: Elk

New Mexico Elk

September 19, 2004 by Tyge Floyd

I arrowed this 325" 6×7 bull elk at a range of less than 9 feet, after getting his attention with some soft cow calls. The bull never heard me draw back. After my first arrow passed through him, he retreated some 50yds looking back in disbelief for a few seconds while I put a second arrow in his vitals. The smooth, quiet draw cycle of my Mathews Outback allowed me to take the trophy bull elk of my dreams.

A great archery antelope and a Pope & Young class elk in less than a month. Lets just hope my 2004 Texas whitetail season goes as well.

PS- Im sure glad I let a friend who owns a local bow hunting pro shop talk me into shooting his Outback earlier this spring. Thanks to him I am now a devout Mathews shooter!

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