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Nebraska longbeard Image
Location: IowaAlbum: Turkey, Hogs & Other Small GameAnimal Harvested or Shoot Type: Turkey

Nebraska longbeard

April 4, 2003 by Matt Ellison

I purchased my Legacy shortly before my spring turkey season began. I have previously owned the feathermax, MQ32, SQ2 and still have a Q2 and my Legacy. All are quality bows but I have never shot anything like the Legacy. It took no time to tune and I was off for the Nebraska early archery season. The first day my friend Scott harvested a nice longbeard with his SQ2. After we got done shooting still pictures of his bird we decided to try to find one for me. We entered an area where we had heard birds gobbling earlier and decided to find a good spot to call from. We gave it an hour after we set up for things to settle down and started with soft clucks and yelps. We got an imediate response from around 300 yards away. Then another response from behind us! We were right in the middle of em! It wasnt long before my bird was doing the mean walk right to the jake decoy we had set out. He was going to put a stompn on that jake. Well the Mathews Legacysent the arrow on its way and anchored the bird at 20 yards. That bird was the first of the year and I have since taken two more with my Legacy in Iowa. Cant wait to take it to the Black Hills in a week!

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