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My Trophy Gator Image
Location: Arcadia FloridaAlbum: African & MiscellaneousAnimal Harvested or Shoot Type: African & Miscellaneous

My Trophy Gator

April 17, 2012 by Eric Kuehne

I’ve been shooting Mathews bows for a decade or more. I am currently shooting a Heli-m. I recently hunted for something I’ve never hunted before. I had a chance to go on a Alligator hunt in Florida. With the help of a great guide I was able to sneak up on a monster 11′ Gator. After a few well placed shots we were able to hook and recover the beast. We found this beast in a cattle watering hole. The gator was waiting for the young livestock to come in for a drink. Due to the situation we were able to sneak up and shoot the gator without hooking him first. After each shot the gator would go under water up to 45 minutes at a time. Each time he would come to the surface I would see my arrow fletching coming to the surface as it was still stuck in him. Seeing the fletching would give me the time needed to draw back and place another shot into the sweet spot. A true once in a lifetime trophy. A fun hunt and great eating too. I can’t wait to get my mounted Gator back to MN.

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