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My Second Kill with the Creed XS
Location: Mineola, TexasBow Model: CreedAlbum: Turkey, Hogs & Other Small GameAnimal Harvested or Shoot Type: Hogs

My Second Kill with the Creed XS

March 6, 2014 by Kent Schiller

I recently upgraded from my Hyperlite to the Creed XS. After shooting it, I knew it was time. I took it for stalk down on public land in East Texas. We had just had a bad Ice Storm and there was still ice crunching beneath my feet as I tracked along. After 45 min I heard hogs fighting in front of me on the trail. I knew it was “go” time. I nocked an arrow and proceeded further. Walked up on two large sows across the Sabine River, as I considered taking the 40 yard shot across the river, I looked to my left to notice a large black beast lying down on his belly and flapping is large black ears. Target acquired. 100 yards laid between myself and an approximate 275 lbs Boar hog with visible cutters. Making my way closer to him, I closed the distance to 80 yards, it was at that time he stood up and crossed the cut trail, laying back down again closer to the river bank. I continued to creep forward. At 70 yards, he stood up and began walking straight towards me. My mind rushed as I anticipated the shot placement and range. At 50 yards, he broke back across the road and into the high brush. This only resulted in angering me, I looked ahead of his path, ranged a 40 yard shot window, and drew back. Knowing that you can’t stop a pig with a noise, as decided to take the shot on the walk. As soon as he entered my lane, I let her fly! He never even flinched. The arrow found its place center mass behind his shoulder, and he rushed off into the swamp. I was pumped. My first shot with the Creed XS and a great shot to boot. Waiting for 30 min I took up the trail, followed him through the swamp, with high hopes. His trail would lead me into a briar patch that I did not want to challenge. Leaving the trial behind me, 45 minutes later, I would walk up on this Sow and her 8 piglets. I was able to easily stalk up to 20 yards without detection. Drawing back again, I placed a great shot on this sow, followed by a clean pass through. She bolted 20 yards, looked back, and then realized she couldn’t breathe. BALL GAME! Packed her out, and will have some great pig roast for the family. I am completely impressed with the Creed XS, it’s short, compact and a real joy to shoot. Mathews has continued to be the leader in innovation and quality.

“Catch us, If you Can!”

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