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Location: Bhejane Game Reserve South AfricaBow Model: MR7Album: African & MiscellaneousAnimal Harvested or Shoot Type: African & Miscellaneous

My Monster Eland shot with a “Monster MR7″

August 24, 2013 by Marco Fourie

We left early morning as we had to travel about 350 miles to Bhejane Game Reserve.Our friends was already waiting for us and we wanted to get a hunt in before the end of the day. As we arrived we were met by Adriana and she directed us to the camp. JP and Gideon were also in the camp and was waiting to be picked up by Greyling.

We unpacked the vehicle in a record time. There are 7 hides on the farm and we have already discussed who is going where. Arriving at my hide two fellow deer were drinking, I got out and into the elevated hide hoping that they would return. it was still early afternoon and we had about 4 hours of daylight left. The hide got visit by lots of animals but not by what I wanted to shoot. I was there for one animal and that is for Eland.

That night around the camp fire we had lots of laughs as it was custom in our group to have a welcome drink, we had some “mampoer” that very similar to fire water but surely stronger. Also JP shot his impala and we had to celebrate the first animal for the hunt.

Day 2

I have moved to a different hide and hope for the eland to come in. The hide had lots of visits the day by duiker, impala , ostrich, sable and bleu wildebees but the eland was eluding me. At the camp we decided that we would be out for the whole of the next day.

Day 3

Again lots of animals for the day but again not my eland. Gideon got a nice impala for the day.

Day 4

That morning we discussed our strategies myself and Eben decided that we are going to change hides at 14:00 that day. It was a cold morning but it would become hotter for the mid-day. This was our last day and hoped that the eland would visit the hide. Again there was no dull moment in the hide as there were animals in and out about every 30 minutes.
It was now already 12:00 and the sables were at the hole. As they were leaving I heard animals coming from the back. And there he was the nice bull with 5 cows. For the past 4 days I played out the moment but nothing could prepare me for this moment. Everything slowed down and I could hear my heart beat the bull was standing 100% and I took the shot, he went down about 70 yards from the blind. We had to get a truck in to load the bull on the vehicle and at the lodge they took measurements. This was the biggest eland shot on Bhejane Game Reserve and as Philip said it was a monster.

A Treu Monster with my “Monster MR7″ Horns 37.5 inches.

Thanks you to all at Mathews for building quality bows you can rely on.

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