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My Mathews Moment

October 3, 2011 by Larry Eck

My Mathews moment…. I have been archery hunting for over 23 years, one thing I realize is opportunities and partners come and go, but one thing that stays true is the passion and the desire to share the overall hunting experience. That is why I want to share this story with you even though it is a little embarrassing!

Over the last 20 years I have tried to talk my best friend into archery hunting. Finally in the 2009 season he got serious and decided to go, I had a few draw points for Elk so I used those for our party points and drew the tags we wanted. We had a typical season lots of close encounters, and the should have done this instead of that, but it all ended too fast without harvesting an animal.

The one and most important success we did have was my best friend of over 30 years, Greg, had the fever. He was hooked and he needed a new bow for the next season! At that time I shot a Mathews LX and loved it smooth, fast, accurate and dependable. I told him Mathews had a couple of new bows out for 2010 and he should check them out… He shot a few different bows except for the Z7 as his local shop could not keep them in stock! He decided on the Monster 7.0 for his first Mathews and liked it a lot. We got all geared up for the 2010 season, him his new Monster and me with my LX we practiced and waited for the hunt draw results to be released. To our surprise we drew the same unit we had used points to get the year before. The planets were starting to align!

The adventure began when we loaded up and headed out two days before elk season opened as it takes a day to get to our destination and we figured we would get a day of scouting in for last minute adjustments. We pulled into camp after dark and were pretty tired from the trip, so we opted to sleep in the truck and set some things outside the truck to make room and were going to set up camp the following day. The next morning we woke to a cold late summer morning with frost everywhere. First thing I had to do was start my truck to get some heat to warm us up. The cold did not last long as the excitement of the hunt was taking over. We talked for a couple of minutes on where we should start glassing that morning and we decided on a place on the other side of the drainage from camp, you could see down in the canyon fairly well from that ridge. I put my truck in reverse and was headed to watch for elk, more excited than most kids on Christmas morning, all at once my heart skipped a beat. I stopped the pickup and said a couple of choice words, looked at my buddy and said “the bows!” as they were under the pickup from the night before. We both jumped out and rushed over to them only to discover they were done, destroyed along with about a dozen of the arrows. The overwhelming excitement we had just a few moments prior to the “event“ vanished. All that was left was total disbelief and silence and more over the reality of the destroyed bows. After mourning for a bit and a few more choice words, I told my buddy to get in the truck we are heading to town and that this is not going to ruin our hunt. I then called my wife to share what had happened and to see if I could get enough funds to get us set up in time for opening day. We had to drive through three towns, two and a half hours to find a Mathews dealer. The shop was called Top Pin archery in Sisters Oregon (awesome shop). We had to wait for an hour until they opened that morning, one of the longest waits ever as we discussed driving over five more hours back home! During our discussion while waiting we reminded ourselves that the bows were material items and thanked the lord that nether one of us were hurt causing a trip to town. We were the first ones through the door at the archery shop and the shop Pro asked how can he help us this morning. I replied that we needed a Hero… a Champion if you will and explained what had happened. He explained the shop had just got in two Z7 bows the day before, I knew that’s what I wanted but my buddy had to shoot one first. When he shot the Z7 he was amazed, he liked it better than his monster and chose the Z7 because of the smoothness in the draw. I asked the shop to set my buddy up first so he could get shooting as I finished with the fund allocation and paper work. Within 3 hours we were headed back up the mountain with enough time to shoot all yardages with broadheads. My buddy could not believe how good he was shooting the Z7 and how it sighted in so easy and quickly.

We hunted opening weekend and got into elk but did not bring one home in the first two days. The following Saturday I shot a five point bull that I called in to 35 yards. My buddy also shot a five point at about 25 yards the last weekend of the season which was his first archery kill. To me this was the most amazing hunting story of a unforgettable season I could ever experience. I do believe that it was meant to be and my hunting partner does not go a day without thinking or talking about the next season. As for my wife, she still thinks to this day that the catastrophic “event” was planned so I could get the Z7 that I had been dreaming of.

Thanks to Top Pin archery and Mathews Inc. and my wife for not leaving me after buying two new bows!!! This by far was my/our Mathews moment. Can not wait for 2011 season to start!

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