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My Mathews does it agian...This time a B&C whitetail Image
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My Mathews does it agian…This time a B&C whitetail

October 4, 2004 by John Nawrot

It started this past 2004 archery season in Wisconsin; I had been watching a particular buck that had character all of his own. My brother Joe Nawrot and I had captured this buck on video several times through the summer months. Jump ahead and its Oct. 3rd I had set-up 5 rows in from a standing corn field edge, soon after several bucks entered and started feeding in the alfalfa field… As I looked to my left the 16 pointer that I had seen all through the summer was walking directly towards my set-up. I had no time to even think, just that the largest buck I had ever seen ground level while bowhunting was now entering the first corn row…with the buck now only 4 rows away I slowly started to draw my Mathews MQ1, The buck threw up his head and looked directly at me, he then bolted 22 yards out and surprisingly stopped, then turned back, took two steps closer to see what had been sitting in the corn that he was going to enter and start feeding.
With the buck standing 20 yards out and quartering to, I had to watch my shot placement, but with the confidence in My Mathews MQ1 I was able to get a Gold Tip arrow through this absolutely awesome whitetail.
With a 19" inside spread, 27" main beam length, 200+ pounds, 16 points this is by far the largest buck I have ever faced at ground level while bowhunting.
With an official "green" score of 184 3/8" G, 174 4/8" N.

“It may, in fact, be the largest typical whitetail ever shot in Adams County, WI”.

Thanks Mathews for presenting a bow that can perform in any hunting, or 3-D situation.

John Nawrot-
Adams, WI

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