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Location: Kwa Zulu NatalBow Model: CreedAlbum: African & MiscellaneousAnimal Harvested or Shoot Type: African

My Hogg

December 26, 2013 by Steven Schwartz

Over Christmas 2013, Myself, my father and one of my buddies went hunting in Kwa Zulu Natal. We were looking for impala, Warthog, Monster kudu and Monster nyala bulls…. Well the odds were only against me, its the middle of summer, there was loads of water in the field AND the grass is green and there was loads of food around, so the last thing animals want to do is come into a water hole where they are vulnerable…. So with these odds against me I proceeded to put game feed, game blocks out, strategically place my pop up, held thumbs and waited… Day 1 and Day 2 it was rainy and overcast… 2 whole days of waiting in suspense and NOTHING…. Day 3 at 5:30am I stepped into the blind feeling extremely positive with blue skies fresh feed and that gut feel, by 6;30am it was overcast looking like the skies wanted to storm, I waited patiently, at 8:50am the sun came out!!! and at 9:10am I looked up to see 3 warthog at the water only to take a closer look and see it was a sow with 2 young bores.. and before I could put my binoculars down I heard **** break loose!!!!! 2 adult bores came in and chased the others out!!! I Ranged the bigger of the 2 at 38yds picked up my Creed, drew on the hog.. took a deep breath!!! well as I released that arrow seemed to move in slow motion through the air and hit the hog just where I wanted it to… By then I was shaking like a leaf and battling to control my breathing due to the adrenalin and excitement!!! I walked from the blind to where he was standing when I shot… When I looked in the direction he ran in and I saw him DOWN!!! he only ran 20yds!!! this was the first kill with my new Mathews Creed!!! I would just like to thank Mathews inc for such great technology and providing us hunters with the most amazing hunting bows money can buy!!! Keep up the great work guys!!!


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