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Location: KentuckyAlbum: Whitetail & Mule DeerAnimal Harvested or Shoot Type: Whitetail

My First Velvet Buck

November 5, 2010 by Shane

Well it all started when I went to move a stand and hunt. I left my release in the truck and ended up going to a different stand. As the time went on a 6 point came out at 42 yards . Not judging my yardage right I shot under him. That’s when this big ten jump into my shooting lane. Wow now I was shaking like a leaf . Never have I had an opportunity like this. Trying to get it together I nocked another arrow. I had to lean against the tree to range him I was shaking so much. 56 yards. was the yardage and he stood broad side and calm. Adjusting my sight on my MQ1 to the correct yardage i put it on his shoulder and squeezed off the shot . The penetration wasn’t much and I was really worried I had just wounded the deer of a lifetime. I got down to look for blood and there was none. Spent about an hour looking but nothing. So i went to meet the other guys back at the truck. We all got together and looked but still no blood.Following the way he went thru the field to the wood line I saw my nocturnal lighted nock past the wood line in the other field . So i ran got my arrow and there he lay 20 yards away. I couldn’t believe it, the buck of a lifetime that I was confident was gone. The arrow hit the leg and into the heart. If I hadn’t left my release in the truck , missed that 6 point ,and bought those lighted nocturnal nocks this hunt would have been totally different. I have to praise my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ for making this all possible . I Also thank my brother in law for taking me to his lease in Kentucky.

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