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Location: Eastern Cape (Kuduskloof)Album: African & MiscellaneousAnimal Harvested or Shoot Type: African & Miscellaneous

My first Kudu

October 3, 2011 by Marco Fourie

I grew up with hunting, my father is a gunsmith so hunting was second nature to me, I hunted for 30 years with my trusted guns. About 5 years ago I was introduced to bow hunting by a friend. I bought my Drenalin and shot it every day, we did some hunting and it was great. About a 2 years ago I was introduce to 3D archery. I met lots of archers that were very keen to share their knowledge of archery. JP one of the greats friends I met propose that we go for a hunt in the Eastern Cape. So from the beginning of 2011 it was all systems go. I have decided to go for Kudu, Bleu Wildebeest Impala and warthog. Every weekend we had a 3D competition somewhere in the Western Cape. I did well and was sure I would make the shot if the animal allowed me to do so.
We left on the 26/07/2011 to the hunting farm Kuduskloof run and owned by Andries. We arrived at Kuduskloof the next morning at about 11h00. The hunting “party” consisted of myself (Mathews Drenalin), JP (PSE),Gideon (Bowtech) , Gie (Mathews Monster) and Eben (Mathews MR7).
Day 1
As soon as we were unpacked Andries came to pick us up for the first day of walk and stalk. I saw lots of animals and deep down wanted only to shoot a Kudu as it was a dream of shooting it from a young age. They eluted me for me more than 20 years. I saw lots of animals but they were out of reach.
Day 2
We decided that sum of us would be sitting in ground blinds and the others would be on foot. In the hide the only animals that came in were fowl and smalls monkeys. It was still early in the hunt and we had 2 more days to come. That afternoon we were again on walk and stalk , I got close to impala and warthog but they did not present me with a good shot. Oh and the Grey Ghost (Kudu) also made them heard as I was stalking the impala they flew out behind a bush only about 20 yards from me. I never saw them as it was a thick brush and was concentrating only on the impala. We got back and kamp and Gideon was rewarded with a Bushbuck at 30 yards.
Day 3
Now pressure were on to shoot, I came on the hunt hoping to shoot 4 species and now hoped to shoot just 1 at this stage. The morning we were again on a walk and stalk. Just Gideon again were rewarded with a nice warthog. As we left I stood next to Gideon and ask him to give me some of his luck, everyone were laughing at this stage. At about 17h00 it was clear that again I am not going to be able to shoot anything. Then the first message came through that Eben shot a nice Kudu.Jp and me were still to draw our bows. I was busy getting ready to be picked up by Andries. Then it happened a really nice Kudu came in. I picked up my bow and was confident that I would could make the shot if presented. I drew it as quite as possible, but let off again as my heart was pounding so hard that I could hear it. The Kudu was standing at 20 yards a did not suspect anything. I drew again and did everything like I practised for a year. Then I squeezed my trigger, the arrow flew true and hit the vital triangle perfect. The arrow passed straight through and was sitting in the grass with the perfect red colour on the fletches. I contacted Andries and gave him the good news. The next 30min was most probably the longest ever. On arrival I explained to Andries in which direction the Kudu took off. 30yards from the arrow the Kudu was down. This was the proudest and best moment in my whole hunting life . I felt like a kid and was hard not to shout out “yes man” as it frustrate me when I watch hunting shows yet now I also know why they “yes man”.
Day 4
Did matter at all if I got something or not as my hunting trip was complete. Oh and we did not got anything.

Thanks to Mathews I got a moment that I would cherish my whole life and can pass on to my kids. Thanks Marco PS(My new MR7 is on its way)

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