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Location: OhioAlbum: Whitetail & Mule DeerAnimal Harvested or Shoot Type: Whitetail

my first bow buck

October 19, 2004 by Tim Surrett

I was hunting with some friends in Ohio, filming bow hunts for Kirk Dooms "Show Me Outdoor Adventures" program. This was one of my first bow hunts, and the first hunt with my new Outback bow. I was nervous, but very excited to be able to do Kirks show.
We spent the first day hanging stands in a driving rain. Sometime during the night the rain stopped, and we felt like we should have a good chance for the morning hunt. I settled into my stand before daylight, with the cameraman in a stand over my head. Shortly after first light, we noticed a deer coming to us from a long distance. I slowly began to turn myself around, as I shoot left-handed, and the deer was approaching from my left side. I could see the deers body, but the head was obscured by the fall foliage. After a few moments, The deer raised its head to reveal a great set of horns. I wasnt able to count points, but I could see that he was a great buck. I remember thinking that he had a lot of mass.
I wasnt sure what he would do next, but he suddenly took a few steps in my direction. I was ready when he turned broadside. To make it even better, he looked back the way he had come and just stopped. I had plenty of time to make a careful shot. I released the arrow, and both of his back legs kicked upward. I knew it was a good shot.
After allowing some time to pass, We started to track. Before we went 30 yards I saw the patch of white, and made my way to the best buck of my life. What a blessing to take an incredible 11point buck for my first bow kill, and even better to have it captured on film!
Thanks for making such great bows. The Outback is just a great performer.
Tim Surrett

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