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My First Bear with a Bow

November 8, 2011 by Tina Richard

My husband and I went on vacation for a bear hunt at Mainley Adventures Lodge in Houlton, ME during the fourth week of the bear season. We got to the lodge at noon and hung out with Kevin and Pam Ward the owners until the rest of the hunters from New York showed up in the afternoon. That evening we had a great feast of lobsters, steamers, steaks, baked potatoes, veggies, bake beans and to top it off with a scrumptious desert. After dinner we settled around the camp fire and got to know one another.

Monday morning we woke up early for a hearty breakfast and hung out until we went out that afternoon for our hunt. My site was awesome; it was in some hard woods. I saw two big bears come in after legal hunting time, so I just watched them until it got dark. I heard them come in making all kinds of noise and thought it was a moose until I saw the first bear at the bait barrel. The bears were good size, one weighed 300 lbs. and the other weighed 250 lbs. I got a little nervous because I was only 18 yards from the bait barrel and about 12 feet off the ground. I could hear them blowing, snorting and snapping their teeth as they fought at the bait barrel. I was worried that they would come up my ladder stand. My guide was nervous when he came to get me because one bear was still at the bait and finally took off only a few yards away.

Tuesday afternoon I went out and a smaller bear came into my site twice, but the bear did not present a shot. I said to myself you will be back tomorrow and earlier. I did not see the two larger bears that came in on Monday.

Wednesday afternoon I went back out and the smaller bear came earlier. I watched the bear for ten minutes washing her face, scratching her nose and eating the bait. I kept saying to myself present me with a broadside shot and the bear did! I set my pin where it belonged and the job was done at 6:00 pm. I was so excited that I shot my first bear with my new bow that I had to calm myself down before calling my guide to let him know I got one. I used my Mathew Passion which was set at 40 lbs. with a Beman 500 ICS Hunter carbon arrow tipped with a 75 grain G-5 Montec broadhead. All that I know about bowhunting, I learned from my husband and for that I want to say, “Thanks honey!!!”

I had a great hunt, seven out of nine hunters that was there harvested bears. I was the only one out of all the hunters for that lodge this season that got a bear with a bow!!! Pam was a great cook and fed us well, I think I gained a few pounds but it was worth it. If anyone would like to go on a bear hunt I highly recommend Mainly Adventures Lodge, they will treat you well and the accommodations were excellent.

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