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Location: The Athabasca River, Alberta, CanadaAlbum: Elk, Caribou, Moose & BearAnimal Harvested or Shoot Type: Bear

My First Bear

June 18, 2003 by James R. Appleton

It was 8:45 pm on the second night of my first bear hunt with Northern Timber Trophy Hunts as I realized that the bear was not going to come into the bait the way all the other earlier bears had. As he continued to move at a steady pace, his course was taking him behind and away from the bait station. I knew he was a boar because of the “squared off” look of his body, and I thought he was large because hie ears looked like they were a foot apart, and there was a groove down the center of his skull that could have held the Athabasca river in it! His course placed him in such a way that I had a perfect quartering away shot and, when he cleared a patch of brush at 32 yards distance, I released the arrow from my ,Mathews Q2XL and watched as the white fletching disappeared behind the last rib on his right flank headed for his left shoulder. He ran about 55 yards before falling. His skull later scored 19 & 5/8 inches Pope & Young, not bad for my first bear and first bow kill! Man, I LOVE my Q2XL!!

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