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My Double Main Beam Blacktail Image
Location: Pierce County, WashingtonAlbum: Antelope, Coues & Blacktail DeerAnimal Harvested or Shoot Type: Blacktail

My Double Main Beam Blacktail

September 11, 2010 by Greg Stanger

With a 13 yard quartering away shot my season of tracking the deer I call “Pitchfork” was over. Month’s of trail cam pictures and and bino session’s had led me to place a blind and hunt for this deer. He had a 4-6 day schedule of being in front of my camera so on the evening of Sept. 8th being the 4th day since his last visit, I cut my elk hunting short to drive to my blind. l moved through the area slowly keeping a watchful eye. After entering my ground blind undetected, I only had a 30-40 minute sit before the deer I had been hoping for crossed in front of my blind at 7:20pm. Less than 30 yards later he was dead and I was the happiest hunter on earth. My Monster 7.0 is the best bow I have ever owned. Thank You.

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