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My Daughters First Deer

December 27, 2011 by Randy Platz

My 13 yr old daughter Bryn and I had hunted hard all Fall and we did not see a lot of deer here in south east, WI. To say she was a little discouraged is true. I told her to hang in there and that the best hunting was yet to come! That did change the weekend of Nov. 4-6th up near Florence, WI. near our cabin. I had been seeing some smaller bucks on my stand some previous weekends upnorth. We sat Saturday afternoon the 5th and we had a spike buck come right into our stand. Bryn drew back and shot right under neath the buck! Not discouraged at all she said she knew she would get another crack at one. Well the next morning the 6th we had one spike come in right away but he did not present a shot. Then we had two spikes come in from in front of us. One came to within 6 yards and Bryn drew her Mathews Mustang bow back and made a perfect shot!! The buck ran off and we saw him fall over about 60 yards out! What a moment! I was as excited as was she! I have never felt so much satisfaction in my life in the outdoors. I shot a P&Y buck a few years ago and I wasn’t this excited! To see your child succeed is one thing after their hard work and preparation. To see them become a “BOWHUNTER” right in front of your eyes words cannot express. One other cool note is my trail camera got the shot on video and I videotaped her right after the shot! Fun to watch this moment over and over! Thank you Mathews for being on our journey and for the great equipment you provide for the kids to use and be successful with.


Randy Platz

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