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My 1st Mathews Moment

November 15, 2012 by david dorsey

My first Mathews moment was certainly a blessing. After getting my first Mathews (Helim) ever in August, I began to prepare for an elk hunt in the Kootenai National Forest in September.

I hunted elk last year for 6 days- never seeing or hearing an elk. This year on the first afternoon hunting a wallow I heard my first elk bugle. Actually, there were 7 different elk in the canyon I was hunting. They bugled for the last 2 hours before dark as they made there way down the canyon near the wallow I was hunting.

The next morning we made the 45 minute trek back to the lock-on stand and wallow I was hunting. The bugling began even before light but still no actual elk sightings. At 7 pm, after 13 hours in the stand, I saw my first elk. It was a cow behind my stand. I dared not move as she seemed awful skiddish. She disappeared as suddenly as she came. With only 1 hour of daylight left a spike in velvet slowly and cautiously approached the wallow. It probably took him 20 minutes to finally take a drink. I assumed he was skiddish because he might have caught my wind. Little did I know he was nervous because of the huge bull making his way up the draw. The bull was about a hundred yards away when I first saw him. I was instantly amazed at the shear size and elegance of the bull. Each step he made was deliberate. He was constantly having to turn his head, duck, and avoid limbs as his massive rack lead the way towards me. As I reached for my Mathews the spike ran off. Fortunately he hadn’t seen me but instead was in total fear for his life from the approaching bull.

As the bull reached the 75 yard mark he let out a deafening roar. He never paused as he came to my first small shooting hole which would have been marginal at best. I let him pass waiting for him to get to a larger open circle through the trees only 25 yards away. As his shoulder hit that hole I squeezed and the arrow appeared to find its mark. The big bull immediately whirled around back down the hill. I instinctively reached for and knocked another arrow. He was trotting through the last opening I could shoot through as I flung one more shot just behind the front left shoulder. It made that distinct sucking sound as it hit the bull.

He accelerated upon the impact of the shot and began to crash into trees 75 yards behind my stand. Having mostly killed whitetails I really didn’t know what that meant but I was hopeful that noise was the bull expiring.

I immediately began to thank the Lord for what had just happened. I was overwhelmed by what I thought, hoped, and prayed was the culmination of 8 days of elk hunting and 13 hours of sitting in a stand that day. I knew without God’s blessings, favor, and my new Mathews Helim it never would have happened the way it did.

Long story short the the first arrow was a pass through and the second arrow broke off after 9 inches of penetration. Each shot hit both lungs.

It was cold that night so to be extremely safe we went back the next morning (which happened to be my Birthday) and sure enough the mammoth creature was piled up only 75 yards behind my lock-on stand.

It was a dream first bull scoring approximately 320 inches.

What a first Mathews moment and Blessing.

I will end by saying it is rare and awesome to see a company committed not only to making quality hunting equipment but more importantly committed to to the cause of Christ and Christian principles. Congratulations to Matt, his team, and Mathews.

God Bless! David Dorsey Wilson NC

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