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Minnesota Gobbler Image
Location: Brownsdale, MNAlbum: Turkey, Hogs & Other Small GameAnimal Harvested or Shoot Type: Turkey

Minnesota Gobbler

May 27, 2005 by Wade Christopherson

The morning of April 18th, 2005 was a great one. It was 5:20am in Brownsdale, MN when I jumped in my Double Bull Matrix blind and heard a flock of gobblers on the roost. At 6:00am I noticed this big gobbler to my left about 40 yards sneaking through the woods to check out my jake and hen decoys. This gobbler was furious. When he strutted in to about 20 yards away from me, I drew back my Switchback tipped with a 125 grain Gobbler Guillotine broad-head. At 15 yards he was not strutting and stuck his head out. It was then I released the Switchback and decapitated the gobbler. He weighed 24# with a 9 1/2 inch beard and 1 inch spurs. This gobbler was the first bow killed turkey Ive shot and the thrill of shooting him with my Mathews was awesome. Mathews did it for me again. the Switchback is the fastest, smoothest bow ever. No matter what hunting adventure Im on, there will always be a Mathews in my hands. Thanks Mathews for FIRST CLASS products.

-Wade Christopherson

Equipment used:
30" 70# Switchback
Gobbler Guillotine Broad-head
Whisker Biscuit Rest
Mathews two piece quiver
Double Bull Matrix
Winn Free Flight release
Cobra Sidewinder sight
Doinker D2 Stabilizer
No Peep
String Loop

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