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Michigan 2014 Spring Turkey
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Michigan 2014 Spring Turkey

May 5, 2014 by Kara Lynn

My second Michigan Spring Turkey Season was a success! As soon as we sat down, my boyfriend, Jamie and I, heard a gobble, we waited and continued to call. A few minutes went by and I looked over my shoulder and saw a nice tom strutting about 40 yards away from me through thick trees and grass. I was hoping he would come to the decoys we had set out, so patience was key. When I spotted him, we heard another gobble in the opposite direction and that tom was closing in FAST. I think the tom I saw knew what was going on, because he took of in a sprint towards our decoys! He made it in and looped around our jake decoy, stood perfectly in-line with me at about 20yds. and THWACK, he took off about 25yrds. and down he went. It was one of the most exciting hunts I have experienced! There is nothing like turkey hunting, especially with a bow;(this was my first time shooting anything with it)! I thank my Mathews Jewel for helping me have a successful 2014 Michigan Spring Turkey Hunt! Good Luck to all my Fellow Hunters!!

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  • Mathews1992 says:

    What a great story and photo, Kara! Glad you found success and many memories with the Jewel. Thanks for sharing and good luck this fall.

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