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Mathews Wins!

August 25, 2006 by Jason Crump

Two short years ago, I began coaching what is known in NC as a Hunter Safety Team. This team competes in Archery, Trap, Smallbore Rifle, and Orienteering, and here in NC the competition has been very stiff lately.
When I took the job (volunteer pay), I had just purchased a Matthews Outback for my own personal use. During the first practice, I noticed the guys on my team shooting Darton, Hoyt, Browning, PSE, and a mixed bag of other bows. On the team, there was but one Matthews, a new Switchback.
Luckily, one of the Dartons that was being used broke one day, so I loaned the shooter (an exceptional shot for his age) my Outback. After posting the highest archery score of the year, this archer convinced his Dad to buy him a new Switchback. It was just my luck, really, but his twin brother also had to have one. Later in the season, another one of my archers saw the wisdom of owning a Matthews, and bought one for himself.
In our first season, the only event at the state tourney we were competitive in was Archery. Every archer on the shooting line for South Stanly was shooting the same bow: a Matthews Switchback. A year later, James and John Phillipy, Derek Lambert, and Adam and Alan Aldridge improved enough to finish 2nd place overall (all events) in the state, then went to the NRA YHEC and won first place in the Archery Event, despite having no experience on a 3-D archery range! It is no coincidence that the National Archery Champions all shot the same bow. This story just serves as further proof that Matthews is hands down, the best bow on the market! Thanks to Matthews for their fine products. The South Stanly Sharpshooters, the 2006 YHEC Archery Champs, are sold on them!

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