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Mathews has made it possible for me to LOVE shooting my bow again!! Image
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Mathews has made it possible for me to LOVE shooting my bow again!!

May 9, 2012 by Sabrina Landrie

Its been 3 years since I injured my shoulder at work, leaving me unable to do one of my most favorite past times, shooting my bow. I have shot in competitions on and off within the past 3 years. Within the last year I have undergone surgery on my shoulder and fought long and hard to get my strength back. I was not able to shoot at all! Once I was able to shoot again I became frustrated with the bow I had at the time as I could not pull back the cams were too hard. I sold my bow and tried out the Mathews z7 Extreme Tactical. I fell in love with this bow immediately pulling back more weight than I ever had before!
Today was the best shooting days I have ever had I won SILVER at my hometowns annual outdoor 3D Competition! The weather was not on our side as we braved snow, sleet, then rain. The course was one of the hardest courses I have seen, each course took an estimated 3 hours to shoot climbing up steep hills and sliding down because of mud. It was a workout in itself. I had total confidence in my bow as I shot today, I didn’t have to worry if the weather was going to effect my shot placement, I knew after my first shot that this would be a great day!
I won silver today with the best score I have ever shot in the last 5 years!

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