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Mathews FX

April 8, 2004 by jerry reeves

I recently purchased a Mathews FX and this is the first bow that I have shot under 70 lbs. It is set at 64 lbs which I was a little concerned about so i set up a spring ram hunt in Whitney Texas. The hunt was on 03-25-04. I had started my spot and stalk hunt about 6:45am. There was a light rain so my guide and I were able to slip up to 36 yards. After glassing this Merino for a few minutes I decided to take the ram. At the distance of 36 yard the ram was quarterd toward me. I settled on the animals chest bracketing my 30 and 40 yard pin and released the arrow. The ram was hit good, and after tracking the ram a whole 50 yards, I found out the arrow broke the front right shoulder and pierced the heart… a great shot! The first thing my guide said was great shot and what kind of bow was I using? He also told me he had never heard a bow so quite and fast!! The ram was 232 lbs and scored 96 7/8 r-o-e (records of exotics).
Thanks for making a top quality bow at great price! I was pleased.
Jerry Reeves

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