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Location: Curtisville, MIAlbum: Whitetail & Mule DeerAnimal Harvested or Shoot Type: Whitetail

Mark Fiebke

November 6, 2002 by

The 2000 bow season had not been very productive for me, so after hunting in the morning I decided to do a little scouting. I went about 1 mile further back in the woods and found a really nice rub line in some pines. There was no place to put a stand up in the pines that would give me a good shot, so I put up on the edge of a field. I got on stand about 3 in the afternoon, and this big boy came down his rub line rubbing away about 5:15. Because the pines were so thick I never saw the buck I could only see him rubbing on the closest rub to me. about 5:25 he started to walk back the way had came. I listened and tried to follow him with my ear just knowing that I would never see the buck that made those rubs. All of a sudden I heard him start to walk towards the field. I drew back my bow and was just waiting for him to come out into the opening. When he finally came out he gave me a beautiful quartering away shot. I released the arrow and the shot was dead on. He ran back maybe 20 yards the way he had came. When my father-in-law walked off the distance from my stand to the spot where I had shot the bruiser, to mine and his surprise it was 39 yards. The Buck is a very symetrical 8 point and scored 122 inches and dressed out at 165 lbs. I shoot a Mathews FX Bow and have been extremely happy with how fast and accurate this bow is. Thank You Mathews for giving me the best equipment to shoot my first buck.

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