I Shoot Mathews

Manitoba Black Bear Image
Location: Manitoba, CanadaAlbum: Elk, Caribou, Moose & BearAnimal Harvested or Shoot Type: Bear

Manitoba Black Bear

May 18, 2005 by Bill MacFarland Jr.

Once again, my Mathews did the job. We had been on stand 4 nights into a 6 day hunt and I passed on many bears before this bruiser cruised in. Because this particular stand was fairly open I drew my Outback when the bear was about 40-50 yards out. Thanks to Mathews and steady nerves I was able to hold steady the whole time till he made it to the bait. It was early in the evening with plenty of light and we captured everything on tape with 2 cameras including my outfitter that was positioned in another tree about 50 yards behind me. He was able to get me and the bear at full draw, the shot and reaction all in the same frame. What an exciting hunt. He was estimated at 600 lbs. with his front pads measuring 6" across. His skull green scored 21 3/8 easily making Pope and Young and hopefully Boone & Crockett too! Thanks Mathews for a great product that performed exceptionally once again!!

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