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Let it be HIM…

January 19, 2012 by Jay Herter

My brother in law and I took off work early on Friday to go three hours south to my favorite piece of ground. Living three hours from your stand has advantages and disadvantages. The biggest disadvantage is, your three hours from the stand! The benefit is, when you go, your going to see deer!
I climbed up in the treestand about 4 o’clock and got seated. I thought about the big mainframe ten pointer with some junk that I had gotten on the trail cam across the property one time during the late summer months. As I sat for the next two hours, I saw some squirrels, a oppossum and one cardinal. Cardinals and I are on good terms, if I see a cardinal good things seem to happen. Well, about 6 o’clock that evening, I heard a single grunt from behind me up by the pond. I slowly stood up and grabbed my Z7 Extreme and hooked my release on. As I stood up I thought to myself, “Oh let it be him…” I first saw two does though the thick brush and then the side profile of the deer on the trail cam! I could not believe my eyes. As the two does began moving to the southeast of me, I thought I was going to have to watch him walk away. About the time I thought that, the buck loped ahead and cut the does off. They turned back to the north and went directly under my stand.
Game on!! All I could think for the next millisecond was “don’t mess this up…don’t mess this up!” He stopped at 15 yards. I was already at full draw. I chose a hair and squeezed he trigger. As the arrow flew, the deer lunged toward the does… No! Then the luminok lit and I saw it hit him right in the liver area. The does went east and he very slowly walked south. As I collected myself, I thought, not what I wanted, but a liver hit will put him down. I waited until almost dark and got down. I checked my arrow. Red silky blood from tip to nock and blood on the ground for a ways up the hill. Get out of here, I told myself, its getting dark and not sure of the shot….if he’s dead now, he’ll be dead tomorrow. Hope the coyotes don’t find him first. The next morning we found him about 100 yards from the tree. We beat the coyotes to him.

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