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Last Day Trophy Image
Location: Pike County, IllinoisAlbum: Whitetail & Mule DeerAnimal Harvested or Shoot Type: Whitetail

Last Day Trophy

November 16, 2004 by Scott Smith

Bow hunting Pike County Illinois has always been a dream of mine. During the 2004 season my dream came true. I have taken a few good bucks back home in Mississippi but not the size of a Illini State Trophy. I hunted hard for 6 full days passing up numerous 120 s to 130s class bucks. During the last day of my hunt I did a rattling sequence and grunted a few times around 3pm. I had just set the rattle bag down when I noticed a large, "brute", whitetail coming from down wind of my stand placement. I was sure glade I had my Scent-Lok on. I had been shooting my Mathews Outback for 7 months straight each day getting ready for a moment like this. I noticed the wide, heavy 8 pt. was coming in for a 30 yard shot. I shifted my weight on the deer stand and it made a "pop" sound. The large brute turned and started back the way he came in. I grunted and the buck stopped in my last shooting lane, just so happened I ranged the end of the lane 30 minutes before, 62 yards. I drew my Mathews placed the 60 yard pin on the bucks vitals and touched the release trigger. Last evening of the last day a long shot, thanks Mathews, the OUTBACK preformed great. 8pt trophy 145 6/8 pope and young.

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