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Kodiak Brown Bear Image
Location: Kodiak, AlaskaAlbum: Elk, Caribou, Moose & BearAnimal Harvested or Shoot Type: Bear

Kodiak Brown Bear

May 17, 2011 by Tony Cleveland

I was fortunate enough to take this Brownie on 3 May 2011 in the Red Lake area on Kodiak Island. My guide called this bear out of it’s bed from 250 yards with a Sitka fawn bleat. The bear came into 20 yards offering me a broadside shot. It was a boar and he squared 9 feet with a 26 1/8 inch skull. I used a Mathews Monster 7.0 with 80 lb limbs. Bill Pellegrino, owner of The Archery Hut in Colorado Springs, sold me the bow and set me up for success.

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