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Kansas Double Drop Whitetail Image
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Kansas Double Drop Whitetail

December 27, 2011 by Phil Ryan

Although I started bowhunting at a very young age, when I was 19 my job took me away from Kansas for 20 years. When I moved back in 2007, I couldn’t wait to get back into a tree stand. My oldest brother was looking for a reason to buy the new Matthews Drenalin, so I helped him out and bought his Matthews Black Max. When the new Z7 came on the market, my brother decided to upgrade once again, so I was able to pick up his smooth shootin’ Drenalin.

On the morning of November 6, 2011, I climbed into my tree stand just 30 minutes before sunrise. While scouting my hunting area, I had found a 10 point shed from last year that would easily score 180 plus. At about 8:30 am, I couldn’t believe it when this beauty came walking in. I thought he was heading right into my shooting lane, but he stayed on the outside trail. There was just too much brush in the way, so I passed on the shot and watched him walk away, hoping he might come back later in the day.

About 45 minutes later, I heard another deer coming through the trees. I grabbed my Drenalin and got into position. He was following the creek bottom rather than a trail, and I didn’t get a glimpse of him until he was about 30 yards away. I wasn’t sure he was a shooter at that point, because of the number of trees along the creek. At 20 yards he walked between two trees and I saw the right side drop tine and the heavy mass.

As he walked behind the second tree I drew my Drenalin, and when he stepped into the clear I shot him at 15 yards. My Vapor carbon arrow and Rage 2 blade broadhead struck home, piercing both lungs and the heart. He jumped up form the creek bed, and ran just 25 yards before collapsing. This 5 1/2 year old beauty dressed out at well over 200 pounds, has double drop tines, 20 scoreable points, and unofficially scored at 188 2/8.

This is only the fourth buck I’ve ever shot at with a bow, and the first shot I’ve taken at one in more than 26 years. I can’t believe my luck in taking this trophy of a lifetime. Thank you, Matthews for making my archery experience so awesome.

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