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February 4, 2013 by Courtney Erndl

January 2012 we acquired a new piece of property to hunt. The piece was over populated with does and young small bucks, but nothing too big. In the final weeks of hunting winter bow season I had seen a monster buck that would come in at last light but would not come in close enough to get a good look, let alone get a shot at him. My dad thought I was exaggerating because we had several trail cameras high up in trees throughout the property but we never got a picture of the buck.
The first night I hunted the Riley stand I saw the biggest buck I had ever seen in my hunting career; but he stayed out of range and I had no shot. When the buck turned to leave to go back to where ever he came from I realized it was the monster buck from the end of the last hunting season. From that night on all the other bucks that came in I passed up. Weeks went by and I never saw that monster buck again.
The ninth of October was a chilly overcast day; it was the ideal day for deer to be on their feet. I got into my stand around 2 in the afternoon. Usually when I hunt that particular stand I am barely in the tree and the deer are already moving through, but not that day. It was after four thirty and I still hadn’€™t seen a single deer yet. Around five it started to drizzle.
Slowly I saw a line of young bucks crossing the creek behind my stand and coming down the trail by my stand. After five or six bucks came I looked up at the rest that were still filing in and that’€™s when I saw him, standing on the other side of the creek. Instantly my adrenaline was rushing and I was praying he would come within range, and he did. He crossed the creek and came into range at twenty yards, but he was on edge and there were too many sets of eyes to draw back. Ten minutes later I finally had my chance at eight yards and I drew back my Mathews Jewel. I had to hold at full draw for what felt like an eternity, all I needed was for him to take one step to so his shoulder blade wouldn’€™t be in the way. Finally he did and I shot; he ran thirty-five yards and died within sight.
I called my dad and he came with my uncle Jack, his buddy Rich, and his son Joe. When I got down we all walked over to the deer and I saw for the first time just how enormous he was. He was and eleven point beauty with an amazing amount of mass. He is the biggest buck I have shot in my hunting career. Well over two hundred pounds,it took the four of them to drag him out.
I owe my success in hunting to my father, for not only teaching me how to hunt, but ensuring I had a place to hunt and that I had all the right equipment. My Mathews Jewel performed flawlessly. My father also sacrificed his hunting time so I could be in that Riley stand every chance possible. I also am thankful for my uncle Jack spending time in the woods with me and guiding me throughout the years. It is the buck of a lifetime and a season I will always remember.

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