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It's My Passion
Location: Limpopo, South AfricaBow Model: PassionAlbum: Shoot Like A GirlAnimal Harvested or Shoot Type: African

It’s My Passion

September 17, 2012 by Karen Christy

My husband, Steve, has been a fan of Mathews’ bows for as long as I can remember. When we took our first hunting trip to South Africa in 2009, I was more than happy to hunt with my Canon (camera) while he hunted with his Reezen but on our second trip in 2012, it was a whole new ball game! Armed with my Passion (a birthday gift from my husband)we were off to Limpopo. We chose Sept. 10 thru 24 because there was a dark moon in that time frame. On our first day of hunting I bagged my Nyala later that week I got my two Impalas and last but not least my Blesbok. But the day I got this guy… my Kudu… it was a real gift. I say a gift (some say luck) because he was not suppose to be there. I was taking aim on a Zebra when my PH, Wiehan, told me to wait, then he whispered “there’s a huge Kudu coming in on your right”. I let off my draw and peeped out of the blind… there he was was… Hello, Mr. Kudu. My husband was so excited I thought he was going to jump out of the blind! Being short made the shot that much more of a challenge… I drew my bow, took aim, and he walked out of sight! I let off and waited praying that he would come back around. Taking his own sweet time he finally walked back around… he was 22 yrds away I had one shot and I had to take it… now… I let off my release and let that arrow fly. I watched him take off, whispering “fall, please fall” and fall he did… still in sight. I looked at Wiehan and said “how was that shot?” to which he relied “Perfect”. My 55 1/2″ Kudu was the highlight of my trip… and my husband doesn’t even mind that mine Kudu is bigger than his Kudu!! He gets more excited over my trophies than he does his own. Next up… a Klipspringer!!

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