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Location: Indiana

Indiana Stud

February 4, 2013 by Corey Arnett

On october 23rd my girlfriends dad recieved permission for the two of us to hunt this property during the early archery season. So knowing gun season was approching we decided to go the next morning after we were done working the night shift. The morning came and we went to scout the woods, after scouting we decided on two spots each about 75-100 yards away. It was around noon when we got out of there and we were undecided if we were going to try it out that same night, so we both went home and he was going to call me later on that afternoon. He called me at around 4:00 pm even though exhausted having only a few hours of sleep we decided to give it a shot. So as i’m sitting in my stand all i’m seeing and hearing are all the squirrels surrounding me. Every time i heard something thinking it was a deer i was let down seeing a squirrel. Finally i spot a young buck, but he was on a trail about 75 yards away, so know im really discourage thinking all i’ve seen are squirrels and ive picked the wrong trail to sit near. Dark was falling on me fast with only about a half hour of legal shooting light left, when i heard some leaves crunching, as i looked up all i could see in between two trees was rack. He made his way out in front of me within about 20 yards, as i was trying to stand up he busted me. He knew something wasnt right, as i sat there ticked off thinking the worst would happen. It didnt he gave up trying to bust me again and continued to walk closer. With a 15 yard shot with the matthews bow and a rage broadhead, the buck of a lifetime only made it 20 yards before he expired. Hes net score was 168 7/8, and the final score was 167 2/8 being the counties archery record. I decided on an appropriate name i thought. “OneNightStand”

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