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Indiana Fall long beard with my new Z7 Image
Location: IndianaAlbum: Turkey, Hogs & Other Small GameAnimal Harvested or Shoot Type: Turkey

Indiana Fall long beard with my new Z7

October 20, 2010 by Chris Plaiss

I purchased my Z7 back in the spring. This bow with out a doubt is the sweetest shooting bow ever made. I just started hunting with the bow this month (Oct) and i have already harvested a doe and a Tom with it. I have never harvested a Turkey before with a bow and that day will be etched in my mind forever. I was hunting on the edge of a corn field that had just been combined. not 15 min from sitting down did a group of hens enter the field about 150 yards off to my right they fed for about 30 min before heading back into the woods. I tried purrs, clucks and soft yelps but they were having nothing to do with me. then from out of no where i heard that crunching sound of dried leaves that we all know so well coming from behind me, so needless to say my heart is about to jump out of my chest, My first thought is coyote. My second thought is I’m screwed because there’s no way I’m ever going to get a shot off. coyote or not I’m going to get busted. I guess it was just luck that 4 of the dumbest long beards ever walked not 5 yards to my right and out into the field to feed. I could not get a shot right away because every time 3 would eat one would be watching but i guess luck was on my side again because a flock of geese landed out in the field which caught their attention and gave me a chance to draw and shoot. He had a 11″ beard and 7/8″ spurs.. I cant say enough about my Mathews Z7 smooth and quiet. thank you guys for making a awesome bow.

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