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Illinois Giant
Bow Model: CreedAlbum: Whitetail & Mule DeerAnimal Harvested or Shoot Type: Whitetail

Illinois Giant

November 9, 2013 by Michael Price

I shot this buck in Fulton Co. Illinois while hunting with Timberland Outfitters. I had passed 3 bucks already that were chasing a doe. One in which was a high 130’s 3.5 year old 10 point. I’m glad I did because not 2 mins behind him came this buck trailing the same doe. He was grunting almost every step and in hot pursuit of that doe. I got him stopped as he came behind me and he gave me a 10 yard quartering away shot! He was down in less than 50 yards! The rest was shaking, celebrating, and picture taking! He did break his left G3 after I shot him and a kicker of his right G2, adding them back he gross scored just over 175 inches. I shoot a Mathews Creed 70 lb 29′ draw and Carbon Express Maxima Red 350’s with 100 grain Rage Hypodermic broadheads. A deadly combination! Thanks Mathews!!!

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