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I have no idea!!
Location: big island marion countyBow Model: SwitchbackAlbum: Whitetail & Mule DeerAnimal Harvested or Shoot Type: Whitetail

I Have No Idea!!

October 30, 2007 by Martin Hamm

Funny story, my dad saw the deer three days before he killed this giant it was raining the night he saw him and he looked over and said hes the one I am going to kill this year and I was like in your dreams so the past three days he was wanting to hunt the spot he seen him at and its all public land i know crazy right something this big on public hard to believe so we go to this spot in big island and hes already have a gut feeling about how the night is going to happen, so its about 5 or 6 I would say and i see this buck walking through the woods about 45 to 50 yards and i was going to try to take the shot but I didn’t know where my dad was so i set there and said in my mind dose he see it and have a shot at him and right after I said that I hear maa!! and I’ve heard him say it before but he didn’t even get to the aa on that so all I heard was mm smack like taking a log and hitting a tree, so I’m looking and i see him run off. so its dark and i walk over with my cousin rick and we walk up while hes peeing lol and my cousin says was he that big just joking around with him and he holds out his hands and was like I have no idea!! and his adrenalin was pumping so bad it was funny the way he was talking. So where following the blood trail and it starts getting into speaks off blood like pin points so we stop for a second and I look over and see him laying there and he was so big he looked like a cow laying there, my dad runs over and stuff where all excited and hes about to bust out in tears hugging me and stuff, its a one in a life time deer 17 points 194 4/8th s big buck on public land. thank you guys for taking the time to read this from one hunter to another i am glade to be apart of this awesome and exciting sport I love my dad for getting me into this stuff. So for every one out there have a safe and exciting year this year :)

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