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having a blast with my mathews

January 19, 2012 by kaitlyn hartzell

I started shooting a few years ago on the youth league at ten yards. In january i decided i wanted to try 20 yards and be able to go to the state championship. I began practicing atleast a few times a week and shoot in any league my dad would sign me up for. We decided to go to a regional shoot before the states came up. I was so nervous i shoot the wrong target in my first round. I ended up shooting great after i shoot a little more and ended up taking gold and setting a new record. I was so excited that in 2 months i was able to learn how to shoot 20 yards. We went to states i could not beleive all the people shooting at once, it was like popcorn popping with all the arrows hitting the targets. I did pretty good there also and with 4 other kids in my age group we were able to win the state archery championship. I enjoy shooting my mathews bow and would hope every kid gets a chance to shoot one also.

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