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Have them join you

October 3, 2011 by Brian Phillips

We have recently moved to North Dakota from South Texas. We were trying to find something to do with our time during our first true winter we had ever seen. Outside sports in North Dakota in December are out of the questoin for a family from down south, so needless to say we were going stirr crazy in the house. We decided as a family to start shooting in our local (indoor and heated) range. There was only one problem me and our oldest son were the only ones that had ever shot a bow. My wife had purchased me a new Z7 for X-mas and i passed my old bow down to the oldest son. We were ready to go. We went down and purshased to Missoin Crazes for my wife and my 15 year old son to get started with. We got everyone set up and shooting. This removed everyone from the house and placed us at the range every night. We entered a league and placed 4th overall as a team, so shooting had greatly improved for all of us. My wife had never been harvested a deer or even hunted for one. Before deer season arrived I went back to our local sporting good store and upgraded her Craze to the Passoin (great bow)for a little more performance. We got our stands set up on a farm near by and waited for season to open. We started the season with me leaving my bow at home and focusing on get my son his second deer ever and first with a bow and my wife her first deer and first bow harvest. On 9/22/11 she got her first shot, and buck fever took her shot a little high. on 9/23/11 the same buck decided to push his luck again in the same location. It did not work out for him the second time around. She harvested her first deer ever with in sight of the blind and she did it with a “Passoin”.
PS my 15 year old got his first buck with a bow on 9/18/11. Now i get to go hunting!!!!!

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