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Great Bowhunt!
Location: Prattsburgh, NYBow Model: Switchback XTAlbum: Whitetail & Mule DeerAnimal Harvested or Shoot Type: Whitetail

Great Bowhunt!

November 4, 2012 by Andy Wegman

After having a shooter within 40 yards (no shot) on Saturday night and deer all over me I couldn’t wait to get in the stand Sunday morning and the Lord’s day did not disappoint. At 8am I had a small buck interacting with a female fawn that for all intents and purposes seemed to be in estrus. They would use my area as their playground for about an hour until the buck got a litttle too far to my left and winded me. No big deal but I did contemplate killing him at one point as the whole family was up with me and the kids wanted to see a buck down. Any way after battling frigid temps for the next hour I also contemplated leaving but opted to stand up and stretch to keep warm. Not 5 minutes after I stood up I see a beautiful buck to my right about 120 yards on an angle towards the thick stuff 50 yards in front of me. He approached my area and I could see he wasn’t coming in so I let out two solid grunts with my Primos buck roar, followed by an estrus doe call (the can). He angled in front of me and walked east, I let out two more grunts and he started to walk away so I quickly snort weezed at him. For the next ten minutes he would RAKE every sappling he could find within 50 yards of my stand with no shots but working his way closer to me the whole time. As luck would have it a 2.5 yr old 8 showed up to the east and came on a little quicker line to me out to 30 yards. That was all my buck needed as he followed the smaller 8 down to an apple tree 30 yards from my stand. They both turned back east and that was my opportunity. Just before he cleared the apple tree I drew my bow and had a 7 foot natural opening which he was nearing the end of as I reached full draw. I let out a loud “maaa” and he came to a dead stop as I settled my 30 yard pin on him. I released the arrow and could see the double lung hit. He bolted and crashed out of the area. I tracked him with light snow on the ground which was helpful and fun. The rest is history and I would take my biggest bow buck to date. My kids were psyched and participated in all aspects of the aftermath once I got him back to camp (too many to take into the field and it was very cold today in Prattsburgh).

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