I Shoot Mathews

Location: British ColumbiaBow Model: Reezen 6.5Album: Elk, Caribou, Moose & BearAnimal Harvested or Shoot Type: Bear

Graduation Trip Bear

May 2, 2012 by Cameron Thompson

For my high school graduation, my dad booked a trip for us to go up to BC. We each got two bears and all of them squared out at over 6 feet, with each of us getting one that squared over 7 feet. This was the last bear to get harvested since I wanted to try and get my last bear with my Mathews. It was a spot and stalk hunt so we had the challenge of getting close to these bears with the bow. As we were walking up to the spot we had seen this bear earlier, we spooked another bear that was with it and they both took off. I thought we had blown the hunt, but my guide hit his predator once and the bears circled back around us. I crawled into position to shoot into the small opening and the bears came back by. I sat quietly as the first bear came back in at what I would later range at 8 yards, closely behind was this bear. It went to a tree 20 yards away and stood up onto the tree. As it did, I settled my sight behind the shoulder in the small opening in the brush and let it fly. I got a clean pass through and the bear bolted up the tree. No sooner did it make it to the top of the tree it fell back at my feet and I had bagged my first bear with a bow.

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