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Gobbler Success

March 25, 2006 by Kinney Carlton

I harvested this gobbler after setting up approximately 300 yards from him on the roost across the lake bed. After giving him some soft roost yelps, some hens nearby woke up and started answering my call. He responded with thunderous gobbles each time I cut or cackled. At about 6 am he flew down on my side of the lake. I cut and yelped to him and he immediately answered. I saw him coming from 150 yards out. He strutted and gobbled the whole way. At 16 yards I broadsided him with a 400 grain Goldtip loaded with a Sniper 100 grain broadhead. My Switchback LD hammered him as he was in full strut. Absolutely textbook. I was standing beside him at 6:25 am. Doesnt get any better than that. Regards KC

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