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Location: Terre Haute IndianaAlbum: Turkey, Hogs & Other Small GameAnimal Harvested or Shoot Type: Turkey

Full Strut Show-Down

May 3, 2006 by Jay Fields

Home on leave for 19 days. I timed it perfect for the spring turkey season in Indiana. I arrived the day before opening day, tired and irritated from the 12 1/2 hour drive. The same day around 5 pm, I set up the blind we would be hunting out of the next day. I have hunted there many years and knew the area pretty well. Knowing were the birds were running and roosting before arriving made for an easy set up. I had told my grandpa that we would work on his bird first, then Ill do my hunting afterwards. He had never been turkey hunting before, so he quickly agreed, knowing that hunting first would give him a better chance of getting a bird. So opening day he was out there with his old Rem. 870 with a box Win. Turkey loads ready to knock em down. We had them gobbling all around us on the roost, but after fly down they all went behind us to a field that this had corn stocks from last year. Around 8 am I told him we will head out and get them tomorrow. Around Noon the same day I went and moved our blind to the point of the small field were they we had heard them that morning. The next morning we hit again, 5 am, still dark, no noise- then finally around 7 am we heard a pair of toms behind us. We both turned around and they were coming up the hill. My grandpa like a pro, already had the gun up and ready. The first tom came up the hill followed by the second. The first one was a real beast, but wouldnt give him a good shot. The second stop in a small lane about 30 yards away. Before I could tell him to shoot the second one, he had already pulled the trigger and shot. RIGHT ON THE MONEY!! The second bird fell and I was out of the blind before the smoke had cleared. Nice bird, nice shot. His first bird- 20 1/2 lbs., 10 1/4 inch beard, 1 1/8 inch spurs. Wow! what a hunt for him.
A week later in the same spot, but different blind, I shot the the big tom that we had seen the week prier during my grandpas hunt. He came up the same hill, stopped in the same spot, looked around and headed back down the hill. I was heart broke. I thought for sure that he was gone for sure. I heard him gobble about fifty yards to my left, but couldnt see him. It was almost 8 am and it was getting hot in the blind. I was going to just call it a day, as got up to unzip the blind, I seen a big white head walk past the window whole in my blind. My heart stopped beating for what seemed like and hour as he walked past. If I had stayed in the spot I was sitting he would have busted me for sure. But when i went to open the blind I was in the shadow of the blind.(Great for me!!) He headed to the field to my decoys. After he turned his back to me. I pulled my Switchback XT to full-draw, gave a soft purr on my mouth call to stop him. He didnt turn all the way around, but stopped completely. Easy pickings for the XT. He never heard it coming. Dinner on the table. 22.2 lbs, 11 1/16 inch beard, 1 inch spurs. A great trophy taken with the best bow ever. Mathews best money ever spent.

Jay Fields United States Navy

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