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First year bowhunting Image
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First year bowhunting

September 25, 2005 by Tim Radke

My fiance has been rifle hunting for years, and has always wanted to try bowhunting. Last spring we each bought new Mathews bows; a Switchback for me, and a Mustang for her.

We sat a few times together with video camera in hand, but the second week of season found us on opposite ends of the farm, hunting alfalfa fields trying to fill our earn-a-buck tags with mature does.

I had an eventful evening, but nothing to show for it but a few good memories. I walked back to the truck, and could immediately tell from the smile on her face that an arrow had been shot. She then told me the story.

She wasnt in stand for 1/2 hour when a small 6 point walked out of the corn 300 yards away. 20 minutes later it meandered past her ladder stand, and her arrow was away. She later told me she was so excited she didnt remember what pin she used, and didnt see the arrow fly. She got settled back in her stand, took a few deep breaths, waited once again, anxious to go look for her buck.

15 minutes later, an adult doe stepped out into the alfalfa and walked to within 8 yards. The second shot of her bowhunting career was true, and she watched the doe tip over 75 yards away.

We walked back to her stand after she told me the story, and found her doe immediately. We were then surprised to find a bloody arrow from her buck! There wasnt much of a blood trail, so we were forced to follow up the trail the next morning in the daylight. A sleepless night for her was followed by a great morning, as her dad found her buck 100 yards from her stand — a perfect double-lung hit!

We were very impressed with the Mustang, providing a complete pass-through on both deer, even with only a 40 lb draw weight and 24 1/2" draw length. Not a bad evening for a new bowhunter! Thanks Mathews!

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